Fashion Philosophy

Here at Juniper we have a five core beliefs:

  1. You are sexy and fabulous!! Whether you are a professional, a stay at home mom or a working mom — we know how hard it is to find time for yourself but that is not an excuse to look like you just rolled out of bed.  You are not doing yourself any favors if you leave the house in a t-shirt, sweatpants and sneakers.  Find some comfortable yet fashionable staples for your wardrobe for the days that you feel like being comfy.  A pair of leggings with an oversized cashmere sweater and knee high boots is just as easy to put on as some ratty old yoga clothes.   Throw your hair in a sleek pony, swipe on some lip gloss and grab some sunglasses.  Looking pulled together beats looking beaten down, any day.
  2. Spend more, buy less.  The Juniper Jens think that there are several wardrobe staples that every closet needs.  We refer to these items as investments.  You spend more because these are pieces you want to last and quality matters. Instead of buying a whole new trendy wardrobe each season, we suggest you invest over time as your budget (or husband) allows.  Here are some staples we suggest spending a little more money on:
    • Black Blazer
    • Little Black Dress
    • White (fitted) Button Down Shirt
    • Neutral Cashmere Crew Neck  (taupe, tan, gray, navy)
    • Cashmere Cardigan (note: not all cardi’s are good cardi’s)
    • Pencil Skirt
    • Black Tote
    • Bold Color Purse (clutch or ladylike)
    • Diamond Studs and/or Hoops
    • One Delicate Chain With a Little Sparkle
    • One Statement Necklace
    • Sunglasses (1 Ray-ban and 1 Oversize)
    • Black and Nude Pumps
    • Black Knee High Boots
  3. Buy trends cheap, but not too cheap. Cheap should not look cheap. Beware of garments that hang poorly, have uneven or bad seams, or are done in fabrics that look like they might catch on fire if you stare at them too long.
  4. Fit is everything.  If you find something that you love but it doesn’t fit quite right, don’t buy it, you will never wear it.  If you already own some fabulous pieces but they are slightly outdated or too big take them to a tailor.  But tailoring can be expensive so only do this for classic and valuable pieces.  Don’t bring something from Old Navy from five years ago to be tailored, donate it.
  5. Undergarments can make or break your wardrobe.  If your boobs are not supported or contained properly it will kill your look.  Same goes for a VPL (visible panty line).  There is just no excuse anymore for ill-fitting undergarments.  In a world of Spanx, Yummy Tummies and whatever other shapewear exists…your lumps, bumps and jiggle can be smoothed and lifted into their proper place.  And when your tummy is flat, your love handles concealed and your breasts supported, you will stand taller and feel more confident.  Take the time to go to a qualified bra fitter (we love Intimacy or Nordstroms) and invest in a few GREAT fitting bras that make the most of your shape (a little sexy lace and here and there doesn’t hurt either).  When you feel good about yourself, your attitude changes and everyone will notice.